My pet helped me build new friendships

We all feel lonely from time-to-time. Having a pet can help to squash that loneliness and provide us with a loving companion. When it comes to adding a pet to your life, it can not only provide us with a remarkable companionship; a pet can also offer a focal point or distraction.

In the case of dogs, they also offer the added benefit of helping their owners to build new friendships and relationships. Whether it involves getting you out into the community or initiating conversations with strangers, the dog is a master when it comes to starting social interaction.

Dogs Help Establish Trust

There is something about a dog that can make their owner appear like a good person upon initial assessment by a stranger. Dogs introduce their human companions into encounters with strangers; they also help develop trust among the newly acquainted.

Pet owners are far more likely to initiate a conversation with other pet owners in their neighbourhood than non-pet owners. Unbelievably, people who own dogs are far more likely to hold people who they have met through their pets as friends. 

Dogs Break Barriers

While most people walk past a stranger in the street and after an initial glance, no further communication is conducted, dog owners do not have this luxury. Dogs are great lovers of social interaction. A friendly canine will always be happy to run up to a stranger and pass on a friendly lick.

Dogs break through this barrier and instantly disarm strangers with their friendliness. Just looking at a person with a dog immediately makes them more approachable. Once the initial hurdle is broken down, friendships are built quite quickly. The association is usually based on your most significant common ground, which is, of course, your pooch.

Where Dogs Help You Meet People

One of the most important things to recognise when owning a pooch is the plethora of opportunities when it comes to places to take your dog. The most common place to take your little buddy would be the park. The park can present opportunities to get to know new people and see just how the first two points work.

You will find that the building of new friendships is often done at places like the park, especially with your little companion by your side. 

Another great place to build new friendships is at the local pet shop. Pet shops are full of dog owners, and many impromptu discussions can take place in the pet shop. You can also strike up conversations or make recommendations. At the pet shop, you will often find yourself recommending items to strangers like the best chew treats or best dog food 2019 award winner.

In conclusion, pets have been helping people build friendships and relationships for many years. Having a pet does not only offer you a loving and loyal companion in the dog, but it can also help you find brand new friends too.