5 Things that make Goa special

5 Things that make Goa special 

If you are ready to feel spoilt and cherished at the same time, the party city of Goa has more to offer in its vicinity. And we know that you have been considering Goa as your next holiday destination as you have been eyeing Mumbai to Goa airfare

Let us take you to your holiday destination already and show you some of the interesting things and places that make Goa and your holiday more special.

1. Alluring beaches

When someone talks about Goa, mention of its clean alluring beaches is a no-brainer. During your stay in Goa, you will explore a new beach every 5 minutes of your walking path down the north-south coast. And you can be assured of feeling new vibes and a refreshing mood with every new beach you cross by. So, before you decide whether to stay or move on, remember that every beach is not the same in Goa.

2. Carnivals

Bollywood movies have pretty much spoilt us with the virtual experiences from street carnivals of Europe. Well, if you want to exit Mumbai’s city buzz and embrace a similar fun experience, check for the flight tickets from Mumbai to Goa in February. It’s the time when the streets of Goa come alive and the natives join in to celebrate the great pomp. And yes, while enjoying dance and music, food and beverages become an integral part of your party.

3. Food fests

Talking about food, one simply cannot miss the heart of the Goan culture which is the local food of the state. While you might presume Goa to be a gala of seafood restaurants you will be amazed to find street food and vegan restaurants buzzing with mouth-watering dishes for you to try.

4. Portugal of India

Ever wished to visit Portugal? Well, while you are trying to med your budget for your overseas trip, you can get the closest experience by visiting Goa. The state boasts Portuguese architecture and food culture to take you as closest to the visuals and culture of Portugal.

5. Tranquil nature

Goa is as much popular for its lush magnum of natural beauty as it is for beach experiences and nightlife. From the giant Dudhsagar waterfall, the lush green beauty of ghats, to wildlife sanctuaries Goa is a place for both party animals and peace seekers. 

Whether you are attending a business trip, planning a family holiday, or a getaway for yourself, you will find Goa has something special to offer to every visitor.