Wild Flowers – the most beautiful ones

Wild flowers are the species found in forest which are not grown using regular cultivation techniques. Usually the term refers to hybrid flowers whose seeds are available in the market. They are the favourite of flower lovers due to their wide range of colours and shapes. They can be grown spontaneously either in gardens or anywhere else.

Many countries are taking measures to protect and preserve these rare species. They are creating awareness among the people through various programs. You can search on the internet for beautiful wildflower images and the whole flowery world will open in front of you. You can also get these images framed and add them to the walls to enhance the beauty. If you want to grow wildflowers which are not native to your area, it may require a lot of care. Some flowers may even have medicinal properties.

African daisies also known as African Cape Marigold are available in shades of orange, white and yellow. They grow up to 2-4 inches and are native of South Africa. They are termed as Goddess of Sun as they reflect the radiant glory and colour of the sun.

Alder is mostly found near water resources and damp areas are more reddish in colour. They form a small cone like woody fruits which stays on the stem after pollination. Baby blue eyes are Native American flowers which are small cup shaped flowers. They are delicate and need moderate soil for its growth.

Corn flower or bachelor’s button mostly found in Europe is available in white, pink, red and original flower is blue colour. Clasping Cone is easy to recognise with cone shaped black heads with yellow drooping petals. They need full sun for their growth and are found in moist areas. 

These are a few flowers to name but there are still lot many. Awareness has to be created in order to preserve and protect these rare flowers and thereby maintaining the ecological balance.