Why Setting Up Business in Minneapolis is a Great Idea

Deciding to take a bold step forward and proceeding with your much-awaited startup or business expansion in Minneapolis is a lovely idea. However, searching for the ideal location in this city for your next business venture could prove to be as challenging as coming up with the business. 

Several factors could weigh heavily on your choice of location. If you do all the legwork on your own, you will have to surmount a ton of data on the business environment and local economic health of top cities or states. Or you could go ahead and find the best office space Minneapolis has to offer and save yourself the trouble.

Not to downplay the value of proper research, but you can be confident that staking your claim in Minneapolis resounds with all the right reasons for business. The larger of the famed “Twin Cities” of the state of Minnesota covers all the essential factors that can build your business and make it thrive.

If you are not convinced yet, here is a roundup of reasons why setting up your business in Minneapolis is a great idea.

Excellent Business Climate

Not only is Minneapolis known for its alluring location in the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It is also equally regarded in the business world as the top metro area in the United States that is home to the most significant number of Fortune 500 companies. 

If that were not impressive enough, startups would be glad to know that Minneapolis consistently ranks next to Chicago in terms of the top cities for startups in the Midwest. The only reason why Minneapolis is in second place is due to Chicago’s massive metropolitan area and population.

Top-Rank Infrastructure

If you settle for office space in Minneapolis, your company or business would have access to the world’s most on-time airport, which happens to be the best airport in North America for the past three years. Moreover, any of your shipments will go through the busiest Great Lakes port, which is so efficient that deliveries to Europe only take 15 to 18 days.

Even your online connectivity is top-rank. While Minneapolis is fifth in rank in terms of internet access in the country, its mobile-device internet speed is the highest in the US. It stretches across approximately 60 miles of the entire city. With 24/7 online access within reach, your business can always connect to your clients and partners.

Skilled and Educated Workforce

Minneapolis’ skilled workforce is among the country’s most educated, with the entire state of Minnesota consistently ranked among the top ten states in terms of highest educational attainment. That is why its labor force is also among the most employed, and Minneapolis recently registered the lowest unemployment rate in the US, together with San Francisco.

High Quality of Life

A recent article by Star Tribune posed the question of why so many Fortune 500 companies and top businesses place their headquarters in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Its known nippy weather is certainly not a contributing reason, and some cities and states outrank Minneapolis in other vital factors.

The article revealed that research identified the quality of life as the primary reason why corporate managers opted to stay. Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area—and practically the entire state of Minnesota—is the safest and happiest place to be in the US. If you come over with your wife and kids, then you are putting them in the best place to raise a family.

That is just a few of the reasons why it will be an excellent move for you to establish a company in Minneapolis. Businesswise, you will be positioning yourself in a thriving and supportive economic environment. You and your family will become part of the warm “Minnesota Nice” culture that makes the city and its state the best and friendliest place to come home to in America.