What to Do Before a Physical Exam

Preparing for your Annual Physical Exam | Live Better Blog | Revere Health

In most of the doctors’ visits you might have attended in the past, you may have noted that physical assessment has been the first part of screening. The assessment helps physicians identify what could be the problem with your body. You also get an opportunity to discuss the findings with our physicians and how you can manage your condition.

How frequently you need to go for a physical exam greenville depends on your age and whether you are facing any medical complications. It is also advisable that you undergo the physical check-ups once per year. For better results during a physical assessment, here are tips that can help you prepare:

List of Medications

Ensure you have developed a list of all the medications you might be taking. The list should include herbal supplements, vitamins, and medicine prescribed by your previous physician. If you have been using any medications bought over the counter, remember to include them in the list. You may also have a list of other physicians who might be prescribing medicine for you.

Carry The Results of Medical Tests

If you have the results of the tests conducted during your last doctor’s visit, carry them during your visit to Elite Premium Care, PA. Having the names of specialists such as orthopedists or neurologists you have been seeing is also necessary. Remember to include their contact information in case our physicians may need to talk to them. Our primary care physicians will use this information to coordinate your treatment.

Have The Current List of Immunizations

Having a list of all your current immunizations is significant for your overall health care. Make sure that you don’t leave out any of your current immunization. Physicians at Elite Premium Care, PA, will use this information when prescribing any additional immunization.

Confirm Whether You Need to Fast

Before attending any physical assessment, our doctors may advise you to fast for a specified number of hours. When booking your appointment, remember to ask whether you need to fast before seeing your doctor. Most patients may not need to fast, but fasting can be necessary for patients with certain health conditions. It happens in most cases where your doctor plans to order some lab tests.

Have You Family Medical History

Sometimes, our physicians may need to know if your parents and grandparents have had certain medical problems. You can have a certain medical condition if there is a history of such a condition in your family. Some of the medical conditions that have a connection with family history include blood pressure and diabetes.

Your family medical history guides our physicians in screening for potential diseases. If you are a patient with a first-degree relative, the doctors may order a blood sugar test conducted. Gather enough facts related to family medical history before your visit to the specialist.

Adequate preparation before visiting your doctor improves your physical assessment. It also ensures that your doctors have enough information to help them order accurate tests during physical check-ups. If you need clarification before visiting your physicians, be sure to contact your health provider.