What are the exercise requirements for a French bulldog?

These dogs don’t require much activity to stay in shape. They will let you know when they want to play. But pay more attention to their downtime than anything. Two short walks around the building are enough to get them moving. Your Frenchie puppy will enjoy run after balls and small toys, and can also jump over obstacles or catch a Frisbee. They get tired very quickly, so don’t exert too much, especially during the hot summer months. Excessive exertion can be dangerous in the hot season. Number of walks per day: 2. Total exercise needed per day: 30 minutes.

Care and shedding

Your French bulldog may prefer brushes and combs more than others, so take some time to figure out what they like best. However, as they don’t care much about taking care of themselves, they are mostly focused on the shower rather than brushing. Bathe your dog every month and pay particular attention to the creases around the face and muzzle. These folds can become infected if too much dirt accumulates. Part of the fun of owning these dogs are how much they love to dress up. You can style your dog with everything from a sweater to a cute dog outfit. To protect them in the cold, you can dress your puppy up with a sweater.

Feeding and diet

Part of the challenge with keeping this dog breed is finding the right food for a relaxed home lifestyle. You should choose a feed specifically for small breeds. These formulas will remove all unwanted calories. Protein should be the first ingredient on the list. Half a cup a day is what your dog needs the most. You can divide it into breakfast and dinner for adult dogs. A fully grown Frenchie dog should weigh between 18 and 28 pounds. If your dog is overweight, consider giving him food.

Known health issues

Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome is an unfortunate side effect of their lovely faces. In addition to breathing difficulties, dogs develop cerebral-vascular disease. Problems managing body temperature in hot weather (They are easier to get tired than other dogs). The size of this species makes them vulnerable to osteoporosis, a genetic condition that affects the spine and lower posture. This can lead to lower back pain and can also cause Intervertebral disc problems. How long does a French bulldog last? Your cute little friend will be with you for about 10-13 years.

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