Ways to Wear the Polo Shirt

Over time, the polo shirt has transformed in shape and now has gotten trendy again. It’s safe, simple, reliable and a must-have for every man’s wardrobe.

So before you go to the next polo shirt shop here are a few fresh ways to wear a polo shirt. But if you want a unique polo that you can never see anywhere design your own polo shirts.

Lose the Buttons

The beauty of loosening your buttons is that it prevents the polo shirt from suggesting party vibes.

Have in mind though that if the material of your polo shirt has too much fabric, the collar will sag.

Seek Out Stripes

Bold polo shirts come in a variety of shapes and colours, but with the right choice, your outfit will cause a stir for all the right reasons. And the best way to achieve that is going with vertical stripes. Stripe polo shirts are draw attention and can be worn with jeans, chinos, loafers and trainers.

Those who are wary of looking overly colourful can opt for polo with a maximum of two colours, while the more confident people can opt for three colour stripe design and remain appealing.

Mix and Match with a Suit

The old suit has become somewhat obsolete. But with a polo shirt, you can give the outfit a new appeal.

The colour you choose too can scarcely be wrong as a polo shirt colour which takes the shade of your suit will fit perfectly as a contrast design.

However, if you want to go a little extra, you have to ensure your polo shirt, blazer and trousers all bring a different touch to your outfit.

Pair With Pleats

Although the polo shirt has been used and abused by stag parties and holidaymakers, it has remained fashionable menswear over the years. To have a touch of that mid-century look, you can include a pair of pleated trousers.