Understand the Necessitating Factors for Undergoing a CT scan In Sugar Land Clinic 

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A Computerized Tomography scan is a versatile imaging technology used to diagnose and treat conditions like cancer, head injuries, and digestive difficulties. It is a non-invasive treatment that provides fine-detailed insight into the bones, organs, etc. 


Many clinics and hospitals in Sugar Land provide this facility. St. Michael’s Elite Hospital offers the best Sugar Land CT scan services for various medical needs. The emergency department staff requests a CT scan prescription from board-certified doctors to accurately identify and treat urgent medical issues. 


The team obtains the CT scan results within 30 minutes, reviews them with you, and makes suggestions that could include certain treatments or additional testing.


Reasons to Get CT scan


Examining Blood Vessels


Critical vascular problems include stroke, PAD, and CAD. A CT scan makes blood arteries visible and can identify problems like blockages responsible for these diseases and fatalities. It is less invasive than surgery and provides a more certain diagnosis for blood vessel conditions.


Abdominal Issues


Barium is used in abdominal CT scans to contrast and enhance imaging of many organs, including the liver, ovaries, uterus, and spleen. Intravenous iodine color enhances images, helping doctors in Sugar Land to identify all problems.


Locate Tumor 


A CT scan can provide the exact location of the tumor. It helps in surgeries where the surgeons must make fewer incisions. CT scans show the tumor’s surroundings and track its spreading chances. Doctors in Sugar Land monitor tumor growth and use CT reviews to decide its removal.


Examine Small Bones


CT scans produce cross-sectional images of the bones, enabling close examination of the hands, feet, and spine bones. They detect bone density for diagnosing and monitoring bone diseases and for detecting minor bone injuries that other techniques would miss.


Identify Brain Injury


The CT scan helps evaluate, diagnose, and treat head or brain injuries. Brain CT scans can detect tumors, hemorrhages, and more. If you have recently had a stroke or head injury, you must see a Sugar Land physician immediately.


When MRI is Not Suggested 


The completion of MRI results may require a long period. A CT scan can provide a more precise image faster if you have a condition or injury that prohibits you from lying still for that length of time.


CT scan is done for a better diagnosis. It is always advised to consult your doctor for the best clinic or center that does CT scan professionally.