Uncovering  Myths on Facelifts You May Have Heard About

Your face will always be the first to tell the tale of your aging process, and it does it more profoundly than any other body part. As a result, you may feel self-conscious and less confident because you are not as young anymore. Do you still want to appeal to the crowd and get attention without losing your confidence? Nashville facelift can transform your face from the evidence of aging to a new younger appearance. A facelift involves surgery that removes excess fat and skin from your face and then trimming extra skin to eliminate the visibility of wrinkles to give you a tighter and firmer look. However, the more the procedure gets known, the more myths you will hear about it. The discussion below focuses on a few common myths you may have heard and the truth behind them.

Only Women Need Facelifts

While it is true that women undergo cosmetic procedures a lot more than men, it is not true that you cannot go for a facelift as a man. You can get a facelift if you desire a more masculine and profound jawline to eliminate sagging, loose skin around your face. The procedure will work for you as much as it does for a woman because you also undergo facial aging as a man.

People Can Notice You Had a Facelift

An old joke goes on to say that if people can notice your facelift, it is a bad one. Your surgeon will do their best to ensure that you achieve natural-looking results as much as possible. Facelifts should improve your appearance by reducing the visibility of flaws on your face so you still appear younger and natural.

Only One Type of Facelift Exists

Your face is unique in every way to the next person, which is why there will be no one facelift that fits every face. Facelift exists in many different forms, like deep-plane facelift and extended facelift. Depending on the aging patterns, skin goals, and facial characteristics, you will have a different facelift. Additionally, you can get eyelid surgery and volume restoration during a facelift to help restore a firmer facial appearance.

The Procedure is Permanent

You will notice a younger and finer appearance after a facelift, but that is not permanent because the procedure cannot stop your natural aging process. Results may vary from you to the next person, but you can expect them to last for up to ten years. However, the durability of your results will depend on your skin quality, sun exposure, smoking, age, and the form of facelift you will undergo. Additionally, your genetics may affect how long your results last because a history of early aging in the family means you will age early too.

Your skin will naturally age because you cannot do anything to stop that. However, you can slow the process down for a few more years by going for a facelift to give you a younger appearance that can last a while. Facelift procedures work fine for men and women alike, and you will notice results afterward. However, it would be best to understand the several myths surrounding the procedure before you can go in for one.