Tips to boost your chances of becoming a footballer 

If you’re dreaming of becoming a professional footballer, unfortunately, you aren’t alone. As the ‘world game’, there is an untold number of people around the world competing to achieve the same dream as you. 

This can be intimidating for some, but young players are getting signed onto new contracts all over the world and one day this could be you. Raw talent alone can get you part of the way, but it will only get you so far. There is so much more you need to bring to the table. 

Here are our top tips to boost your chances of becoming a footballer. 


Fitness is crucial to any athletes success, but the fitter you are, the more valuable you’ll be to a team. In a game, when you get tired, things start to slip. You get to the ball slower; your decision making is delayed and your ability to impact the game drops dramatically. If you can outlast your opposition in the dying minutes of a game, this will stand out to any scout. 

Foot Weakness

Being able to play confidently with both feet is crucial if you wish to make it to the professional level. You will naturally have a dominant foot, however, if you can use the other in a pinch you will stand out to scouts. This will also increase the versatility of positions you can play, which in turn, gives you a higher of being selected in a squad.  

Football Academy

Attend an academy, like the ACFC Soccer Academy Spain. This will give you the chance to train under different coaches, learn new skills and test yourself against unknown opposition. An academy is also a high-pressure environment, so learning how to cope and perform under these circumstances is an invaluable skill. 

Master Recovery

You can perform at your peak if you haven’t recovered. Learning to manage your recovery will allow you to perform at a higher level on a more regular basis. It will also help you manage injuries more efficiently and even improve your chances of avoiding them altogether. There is a reason the recovery industry is booming – the value of recovery simply can’t be ignored. 

Mind Set

Having a strong mental game is just as important as having a strong physical game. Even the most gifted and hardest working footballer in the world can’t perform if their mind isn’t in the right place. Practice techniques such as meditation, deep focus, and stress management so you can handle whatever obstacles may come your way. 

Follow these tips and you’ll be taking serious steps that will put you well ahead of your competition! The most important thing to remember however is no matter how far you get, to always have fun!