Things to do about Volunteer Abroad for Animal Care

The first choice for any new Volunteer abroad with animal care is always a country with which you have personal contact. Some Countries, such as the United Kingdom, are much more well-known and can therefore be chosen without much thought, whereas other Countries such as Costa Rica may not have quite as much international publicity but offer a much more rewarding and exciting volunteer opportunity. Regardless, of which country you choose to spend your time and volunteer in, there are a few key things that you should know to ensure your successful and enjoyable stay.

The first thing to do before choosing a country to Volunteer Abroad is to look up the requirements. Costa Rica is a country that is considered to have high tourism potential so the requirements for entry are limited and are mainly only required of foreign nationals with the ability to speak Spanish. You will also need to demonstrate that you have a genuine interest in animal conservation and care. 

Most importantly is that you demonstrate that you are a trustworthy and responsible person, willing to follow their instructions. Costa Rica is a popular destination for animal enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, and with this being a popular destination it is important that you understand the rules of the country in order to avoid any misunderstandings once you are there.

If you are planning on working in an environment where animals are at risk, then you will have to have already undertaken some form of animal rescue or assistance work. It is important that you have experience in dealing with animals in difficult and dangerous situations. By helping the animals in need and also by building a network of contacts in the country, you will be able to help more animals in need.

When choosing a place to volunteer with animal conservation, you may want to think about researching the animals that are native to that country. Costa Rica is primarily located in Central America, although it is also surrounded by other countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras. Among the most popular and iconic species is the Blue Pearl, which is only found in the country of Costa Rica. This is a gorgeous blue and white bird that are indigenous to the country. It is also one of the rarest and smallest bird, which makes it even more special.

When you are abroad, you will likely be given specific tasks that relate to your role in animal care. For example, you will likely be in charge of finding animals that are in bad health or are orphaned. You will also be responsible for transporting the animals that you find to the animal conservation facility where they will hopefully find better health. 

Some of the tasks you will have included in your role may also include cleaning the cages of sick or injured animals, as well as helping to feed them and grooming them. You may also be responsible for cleaning the animal’s water supply, as well as ensuring that they have access to clean bedding.