The Way To Present The Gifts. The Gift Wrapping

A gift says a lot in the way it is presented. Good packaging gives “category” to the gift and the person who gives it.

A simple detail is enhanced by beautiful packaging, adorned with taste and elegance. The ‘dress’ of a gift is like a person’s wardrobe. Be more or less pretty, and it always brings a touch of elegance.

As in the wardrobe, you should combine the paper’s colors and the bow or ornament of the gift well. We must not forget that the wrapping is the “dress” of the gift. It is suitable to ‘dress’ well together. can help you learn more.

Unwrapped Gift

We should never give a gift unwrapped. It is a sample of the little interest that the gift and the recipient of the same have had. Delivering a gift in any way, in a simple bag or unwrapped box, is a gesture of bad manners.

If we are not very “handyman” wrapping gifts, we can ask for the help or collaboration of someone more skilled. It is almost as bad to give a poorly wrapped gift as an unwrapped gift (full of wrinkles, bad folds, etc.).

If the gift is not delivered by hand – it is sent by a parcel delivery agency – we must try to make two packages. A classic packaging for the exterior and a stylish one for the interior.

When we talk about presenting gifts, it does not always mean that they are wrapped. Some gifts simply cannot be wrapped. For example, it comes to very bulky and not very ‘uniform’ things: a basket of fruit, a plant, etc. You can put a bow, a little cellophane … but they are not usually wrapped like any other gift. Of course, his presentation improves if he adds detail, as we have commented – a bow, cellophane, etc.

The Japanese use a cloth, a kind of large scarf, to wrap gifts efficiently.