The standard of living: how it shaped human living conditions

Since time immemorial, humans as a society have always looked for places where there is the comfort of living is high. In simpler terms, it can be concluded that people across the globe tend to live in those places where there are better means of living. The better means of living may vary from time to time and even from place to place. Like for example, in prehistoric times, a cave that is located at a higher altitude might have been sufficient, but the same cannot be said in today’s modern world. The world view revolving luxury and the general wellbeing and standard of living has changed drastically over the last few decades. The western civilization has made it imperative that having money and flaunting it is indeed the very essence of modern life and modern-day standard of living.

What constitutes modern living standards? How it shapes society?

Modern-day standard of living revolves around three major components mainly. The first thing is how big space you have for living. This is pretty simple a point as the bigger the space for you and your family, the higher your standard is, which in turn resonates with the higher amount of wealth you must have. The second point is how well equipped is your home is. This is a relatively new phenomenon that has emerged in the past decade. It is because the technological world has made discoveries that were once thought to be impossible. And now it has become a race to attain the latest technology at the very earliest hour to flaunt both your power and money. And the more advanced appliances you have at your home, the more luxurious life you can lead. Lastly, as the world is moving towards a dangerous point where global warming, pollution, and climate change is reaching their peaks, it’s important to make up a sustainable home for a better future.

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