The Slot Of Fortune Ox Game Breaks Easily

Fortune Ox is a very popular online slot game. You will find this game on the MEGA GAME. This MEGA GAME is an online slot game developer. It is a mega game slotsite. You do not have to go through any agents for the games to play. You do not even have to download the games.  The slot of the game Fortune Ox breaks easily. It is a 3 reels and 3 rows video game. You will find various symbols and pay lines in the game.

  • There are a total of 6 symbols in the game.
  • The game consists of 10 pay lines.

Have a look at the symbols that you will find in the Fortune Ox. Learn about what they have to offer you below-

  1. The Ancient Chinese Gold Coin symbol

This symbol refers to the highest odds of the slot.

  • The Chinese Gold Coin symbol

This symbol will provide you with the 2nd highest odds of the slot.

  • The Golden Bag symbol

You can receive the 3rd highest odds of the slot with this symbol.

  • The Small Gold Coin Envelope symbol

This symbol will give you a small Chinese gold coin. It will offer you the 4th highest odds of the slot.

  • The Orange symbol

This symbol refers to the 5th highest odds of the slot.

  • The Firecrackers symbol

This symbol offers the lowest odds of the slot.

Apart from these six symbols, you will find a Wild symbol in the Fortune Ox. This symbol will help you to substitute other symbols. It will provide you with higher odds similar to the Chinese Gold Coin symbol.

Additional features of the Fortune Ox

Now, have a look at all the additional features this game will offer you-

  1. Collect more game points

There are a total of 10 pay lines in the Fortune Ox. The order of the counting of rewards is arranged from left to right. If you can arrange them properly in any of the different pay lines, your game points will increase. Besides, you will receive exciting rewards.

  • Boost the multiplier

You can boost the multiplier up to 10 times in the game. If the same symbols appear on the reels while you spin, the multiplier will boost up. If you find the Wild symbol, in addition, your multiplier will be immediately boosted up to 10 times.

Try the game for free

You can play a demo of the Fortune Ox free of cost. It is a free trial offered by the MEGA GAME. It will help beginners to understand the game. After the trial, they can invest and play the real game.

So, play Fortune Ox and earn real money fast. The slot of this game breaks easily. The game is loaded with beautiful graphics and visuals. You will experience a realistic atmosphere while playing. There are several easy-to-break big bonuses and jackpots. You will also receive lots of various rewards and promotions.