The Definitive Microshading Process Guide: From Consultation to Stunning Brows

Microshading is a technique that aids individuals in elevating their aesthetics and bolstering their self-assurance. Hence through this blog, we will delve into the complicatedness of the microshading process. Whether you are a newcomer to microshading or seeking to broaden your understanding, our aim is to accompany you through each phase of this venture. Thus, let us plunge into the field of microshading and unveil its profound metamorphic potential.

Stage 1 – Initial Consultation

Initiate a dialogue with your chosen micro shading Stone Mountain artist. Communicate the specific aesthetic you aim to achieve, and feel free to inquire extensively about the procedure. They will elucidate the process while also giving you post-treatment care directives. 

Furthermore, they will proffer their insights regarding the most suitable shape and hue for your features. It is advisable to value their expertise, as they possess insights into colour harmonization with diverse skin tones and the appearance post-healing.

Recommendation: Opt for separate consultation sessions apart from the actual treatment. This allows the artist to conduct a patch test to ensure your skin is not sensitive to any of the pigments or products slated for use.

Stage 2 – Application of Numbing Agent

Your artist will meticulously cleanse your brow area before administering a numbing cream to the designated region. This numbing agent serves to mitigate any potential discomfort you might experience throughout the procedure. Its effectiveness usually becomes discernible within 15-20 minutes.

Stage 3 – Brow Mapping

During the interval, while the numbing agent takes effect, the artist will undertake brow mapping, involving precise measurements and the delineation of the future brow shape.

Note: The sequence of outlining and numbing may vary depending on the artist’s personal approach.

Stage 4 – Pigmentation Application

Once the numbing cream has begun to take effect and the artist has made the outlined shape, the pigmentation process is initiated. The artist will employ an electric device or manual tool to repeatedly pass over your brows, progressively building up pigment intensity. Manual hair strokes might also be incorporated for added naturalness. This phase can extend up to 2 hours.

Stage 5 – Cleansing

Following the pigmentation process, the artist will cleanse your brows, marking the successful completion of the microshading procedure. They will provide you with a prescribed ointment to apply and reiterate the post-treatment care routine.

Stage 6 – Enhancing Session

To achieve uniform colour distribution and maximize the longevity of your microshaded eyebrows, a follow-up session is recommended 6-8 weeks later, once your brows have healed. This touch-up session closely resembles the initial appointment but focuses on minor adjustments rather than extensive work. The artist will primarily address areas that have lightened over time.

With this we wish you luck for your microshading process!