Reasons To Get Invisalign

The Role of Attachments in Invisalign Treatment Explained
You must treat any misalignment if you want your teeth to be attractive for improved self-confidence. Straight teeth are not only esthetically pleasing but also functionally efficient. There are various orthodontic treatments to consider for misalignment issues, including Invisalign. Depending on your dental status and preferences, your doctor will recommend the best treatment for your dental concerns. The following are the reasons to consider
Invisalign Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, to fix your crooked teeth.

  • Comfort

Most patients prefer Invisalign treatment for their malocclusions because the treatment approach offers more comfort than traditional braces with metal brackets. Your doctor will customize your Invisalign appliances to ensure a perfect fit. The custom fit of Invisalign appliances ensures precise control over your teeth straightening process. These clear aligners are also made of high-quality resin, ensuring smooth edges for a better treatment experience.

  • Better dental hygiene

Maintaining a healthy mouth is the only way to prevent additional dental concerns. The most popular dental health practice is cleaning your teeth. The best thing about Invisalign treatment is that it allows you to take better care of your teeth by preventing plaque accumulation, which causes gum disease or tooth decay. Invisalign treatment involves removable clear aligners allowing dental brushing and flossing. Your doctor will also recommend that you regularly clean the inside of your aligners to prevent bacteria buildup.

  • Fix dental concerns

Crooked teeth create physical limitations that influence how you chew your food. This dental condition also predisposes you to mental problems like reduced self-confidence. Discussing your dental concerns with your doctor to begin an appropriate treatment plan for restoring optimal wellness is important. For example, your doctor might recommend Invisalign to fix widely spaced or crooked teeth. Moreover, removable clear aligners are the perfect dental solution if you do not want to experience side effects like gum inflammation, increased dental sensitivity, and self-consciousness, which are associated with orthodontic treatments like traditional braces.

  • Noninvasive scanning

Orthodontic treatments for malocclusions like traditional braces require extensive physical evaluation for a well-developed treatment plan. Your doctor will insist on an initial appointment to review your dental status. X-rays, picture taking, and the scanning might be necessary to give a detailed view of your mouth. Although these techniques are invasive, Invisalign treatment that involves advanced technologies like 3d scanning is more effective. When creating individualized aligners, these imaging technologies can provide detailed information about your mouth. Your doctor may also leverage this technology to help you predict and view final treatment results.

  • Fewer dental appointments

Traditional braces require frequent dental appointments to ensure necessary bracket adjustments. These orthodontic treatments may last for hours. Invisible aligners offer convenience by eliminating the need for frequent and longer dental visits. Although follow-up visits are also critical throughout your Invisalign treatment, your doctor will have already planned and created a set of aligners for you to switch at different stages of your treatment.

There are many benefits of straightening your teeth using Invisalign treatment. Contact Brooklyn City Dental to begin your Invisalign journey and straighten your teeth through a planned and shorter treatment period for improved self-confidence.