Pros and Cons of Installing a Pocket Door in Your Home

9 Styles & Types Of Internal DoorsPocket doors have become increasingly popular for homeowners, interior designers, and architects. Unlike traditional swinging doors, Pocket door do not require floor space for opening and closing, making them a popular choice for small living spaces. Pocket doors are pocket friendly and also provide ample space to decorate with as well. These doors come in different shapes, sizes and designs, giving homeowners an opportunity to incorporate them creatively into their interior decor. This article will provide you with 10 creative ideas for decorating with pocket doors.


  1. For an elegant and classic look, decorate your pocket doors with stained glass. This option works wonders for homes with vintage decor. You can also match the stain of the glass to the color of your furniture for a unique look.


  1. Paint your pocket doors to give them a fresh, new look. Choose a bold color that complements your room’s decor. If you’re feeling extra creative, create a painted design on the doors by implementing a stencil or painting freehand.


  1. Use a chalkboard paint on your pocket door, making it multi-functional. Use it for writing notes, schedules, or even as an inspirational quote board. This option works well for home offices or playrooms.


  1. Mirrored pocket doors are a fabulous way to visually open up a space. They can make a smaller room look larger, plus add a chic and modern touch to your interior decor.


  1. Fabric covered pocket doors are perfect for people who love textiles. Choose a bold, colorful fabric that adds some personality and texture to your room. This option is great for transforming a regular door into a statement piece.


  1. Decorate your pocket doors with wood panels. This option adds warmth and texture to your room and matches well with contemporary and rustic decor.


  1. Use pocket doors for your closet doors. Choose a patterned wallpaper or paint to add some personality to this often overlooked space.


  1. Install a pocket door with a sleek, modern handle to add a contemporary touch to your room. This option works wonders for minimalist decor.


  1. Add some dimension to your pocket doors with molding. Crown molding, in particular, adds some elegance and class to your doors, making them perfect for living rooms and dining rooms.


  1. Create a focal point for your room by adding an art piece to your pocket door. You can choose a painting, a photograph, or a unique decal to act as a statement piece and brighten up your room.


Pocket doors are an excellent way to save space while creating beautiful, functional decor in your home. There are numerous creative ways to decorate your pocket doors, as shown above. Whether you go for a bold color, exquisite stained glass, or an elegant wooden panel design, there is always the potential to make your doors look amazing. With these 10 creative ideas, you can create a sense of depth, elegance, and style within your home all while making the most of your living space.