Travelers go on a movement action from one place to another desired place. They travel to a particular geographical location covering a certain distance. The action of travel can take place in many ways. There are different forms of travelling that the travelers are free to choose and reach their destinations safely on time.

One is free to travel on foot, by two-wheeler, four-wheeler, train, or by an airplane. These are the options available for people to travel between two places. The Öbb is the railway company in Austria. The travelers who want to travel by the means of a train can get all the necessary services.


We work as the “Austrian Federal Railways” providing you with all the information regarding the details of your journeys. Our company carries all the responsibilities of ensuring correct data to all the passengers. It is one of the largest mobility services for 287 million passengers.

Our Öbb Corporation also takes care of delivering goods to their destinations. We transport almost over 95 million tons goods. Each year, they are transported in a very environment friendly way. The electricity services on the railway lines are provided by our company through renewable sources of energy.

The passengers travelling with pets, in groups or carrying bicycles are different information available on our web page. We also have the facility to inform you before hand and hand over the details regarding your travel in the train. You will receive all these details after your booking is confirmed.

You can book your tickets through internet connection. There is information available on internet service on how to book your tickets on internet. You can go through it and book your ticket for train or bus and accordingly get confirmed about it from the Öbb Corporation.

The Öbb Corporation has more than 45,000 employees working to make your journey a safe and peaceful one. Each year we transport more than 450 million passengers to different places. It is our duty to serve you with all the necessary information that you may require for your trip on time.

In the obb sales column you can obtain the information and data yourself about the station or stop you want to go. In this way you can properly know about your trip and get all the details beforehand. It will help you with planning your trip and getting your tickets confirmed with us.

For more details or queries you can contact the call center. It is available for 24 hours. If you face problem in navigating to your question on internet in our web page, contact the call center. They will help you with finding you with the information about the bookings and trains.

We hope that your journey will be safe with our services. Our employees work to provide you with the best railway services to make your trip a memorable one. For safety purposes, it is better to have all the information about your travel with you.