Numbing Cream, How To Use It On The Body?

Numbing cream is the antiseptic cream that is used to numb the pain by occluding the nerves signal of the human body. Active ingredients in numbing cream lidocaine, which is considered the safest formulation.

They are used for many functions and are quite helpful in medical procedures. You can use these numbing creams before medical surgery and minor surgery, which includes mammograms surgery.

You can also use these creams before you are getting an injection. But numbing creams work best when you want to start an (IV) intravenous drip on a small child. Besides all these, we prefer numbing creams when an individual wants to do any cosmetic treatment, such as tattoo designs on the body, filler injections, body piercing, dermabrasion, and waxing. 

Key points before applying numbing cream

  • If you have got a cut or scratches because of an accident, then don’t apply numbing cream on open wounds. It can cause serious side effects.
  • If you are going under any cosmetics treatment, then don’t forget to apply numbing cream before 40 minutes of the treatments.
  • If you don’t have any idea how to use it, where you need to apply and how much you need to use it, then don’t use numbing cream without doctors’ help or you can call health-care treatments for immediate help.
  • By mistake, if your child eats the cream or it gets into their eyes, then call the doctor immediately.
  • Don’t apply the cream on wounded areas, it can cause severe pain. 
  • If you have numbing cream properly, then you won’t feel pain when a needle is poked into your body.
  • Don’t buy numbing cream which is expired. Expiry cream can cause reactions, and it won’t be able to numb your pain.
  • If you want to store numbing cream for future use then, let it store in the same container it comes to you, keep it away from your children, as they can eat it by mistake which can be fatal. 
  • Tightly seal the cap after use. Otherwise, it will get destroyed, and then you have to buy a new one. 

It’s better to take a doctor’s advice or prescription before using numbing cream in your day-to-day life. These creams can cause side effects if you are allergic to them. Though ingredients-wise it is good still, prevention is better than cure. Learn the process step by step to use numbing cream on your skin properly.

You need to use numbing creams with utmost care. Even if your doctor told you to apply the cream before treatment then always ask them how much amount you need to apply on your body, though only pea drop size cream needs to be applied on your body but still don’t forget to ask this question to your doctor. If you have applied too much numbing cream, then it could cause fatal effects on the body. Call 911 immediately if you are suffering from severe side effects.