Migliori VPN – Torrents and P2P downloads

Before we even get on to the review of Migliori VPN, we must be clear on the fact that not a single VPN provider, ourselves included, invites you and encourages you to be a ‘pirate’. Downloading illegal games, movies, and streams is severely punished in most European countries, such as France, Germany, United Kingdom and such while in the USA they’ve established a common practice already.

That being said, if you still wish to use VPNs for downloading (or creating) torrents and emulation-based software, continue reading.

How does VPN provide a more secure connection for torrent downloads? 

Simply put, virtual private network software encrypts all the data, which means that your internet provider will need to invest money in decryption software as well as plenty of time to see anything that you have done on the internet. 

This being said, you will become practically invisible to anyone and everyone as soon as you plug into the connection. This makes the process of creating, downloading and sharing of torrents extremely easy and safe.

Are all VPNs good for torrents and P2P?

A VPN which was designed for torrent downloads and creation is typically called VPN torrent or VPN P2P

The reason for this categorization is quite simple. Some people want to unblock Netflix or other platforms with restrictions, others want to use VPN to protect their smart phones and smart devices while they’re abroad (without having to rely on shady Wi-Fis), and some want to use VPNs for downloading torrents. 

VPNs which are perfect for torrents usually feature very specific P2P optimized servers. Let’s put it this way – encrypting all the internet traffic is practically impossible, which is the reason why ‘special’ VPNs do the job of encrypting certain passageways.

Netflix VPNs encrypt the path between the show stream and you, and in a similar way VPN torrents encrypt the torrent & P2P traffic. 

How safe are Torrent VPNs?

Basically, no one can guarantee that any virtual private network will have 100% efficiency. There are thousands of ways  by which you can get caught if you are illegally streaming or downloading torrents, most of which originate from the ‘roots’ you have already implanted in your PC from previous downloading or streaming sessions.

In a nutshell, a Torrent VPN will only hide your current and future activities, whereas your previous activities will still be visible. This further means that if someone was on your trail already, they’ll simply lose it and will probably assume that you’ve stopped streaming/downloading torrents. 

That’s not all, though. Even if you’ve never downloaded a single torrent file in your life before, there’s still a chance that someone can get into your system via implanted spyware. Luckily, most reputable VPN providers also pitch in special programs which will reinforce your firewall and purge your PC of any malicious software and programs. Of course, if you’ve already been protected by a strong anti-virus program, you should have absolutely no problems with this issue.