How To Sell Your Products To Your Instagram Followers

It is not a hidden fact that Instagram has become a very famous tool for business and brands to grow their business both nationally and internationally. Instagram followers are one of your prospective clients and the more you have, the better are your chances to reach more and more audiences. 

Have you ever realized that Instagram allows only one website to be linked to your account? This affects the brand chance to boost up its sales in a traditional manner. 

Selling your product on Instagram can be a tricky deal. The number of Instagram followers on your account can affect the number of sales. However, the conversion of these followers to your customers is also not an easy task. To make things easy for you we bring to you a guide of how you can sell your product to your followers:

1) Form a personal bond with your Instagram followers by DM- You can directly message your customer through private messaging also known as DM. This allows you to send multimedia, text or post to your Instagram followers. You can send DM to 15 followers at the same time. You can also create a group with a few of your followers and send message to the group time and again. 

If you want to advertise your product to a particular follower with a specific shopping preference, you can send them DM by searching their name. 

You can DM your product image along with a promo code to your Instagram followers to entice them towards your product purchase. You can also send them a promo code that can expire within few hours to generate a quicker sale. One point that you should remember is that Instagram does not permit embed clickable links, so you can DM any link to your Instagram followers  

You can also organize a contest in which you can announce that the top 10 Instagram followers who repost your content or likes the photos will win free giveaways. This will give a chance to your consumers to enjoy your product.

You can also arrange a Q&A session with your Instagram followers, this will help you to understand what your followers expect from your product, their preferences, the doubts they might have about their products and many more. 

2) Make your Instagram Shoppable- With the use of the right Instagram tool, you can transform your feed into a beautiful shopping experience for your Instagram followers.  You can embed the link of your product or shopping website on the bio of your product. You can share the photos or videos of your product on the feed and ask them to click on the link of your bio to purchase them. 

3) Contact the Influencers- You can also collaborate with some famous influencers who have huge Instagram followers to endorse your products so that more and more audience on Instagram can become aware of your product and your services. Moreover, when an influencer would say something positive about your product, this will create a trust factor in your product. 

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