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This type of bet usually brings better Odds (odds), generally used card games online when we have teams that are much higher than their opponent, in this case we bet on a favorite victory in both the 1st and 2nd half, that is, it wins the 1st half and wins the Game at the end of the match. There are still possibilities within this type of bet on you risking your guess only in HT, that is, betting on the team’s victory in the first half. There are many other sub modalities within this market.

Multiple Double / Triple

This type of bet is interesting, it is nothing less than Sbobet88 betting on two or three events in a single bet, we indicate these bets if you have two or three safe guesses at the same time. When we bet on two events in a single bet, this bet will be Double and the Odds increase considerably, which gives us a better payout for our bet.

The Triple is nothing more than betting on three events on the same bet, Odds tend to be more valued than Double. In the event that some of the two or three bets are void, perhaps because they are DNB and have ended in a tie, or because the event has been void, in these cases, the particular event is automatically discarded and there are other events to be calculated and if settled , paying itself proportionately. On multiple bets check also the articles Accumulated Bets in Details and Combined Bet System.

Multiple Trixie

This type of bet is another aspect of multiple bets, as Trixie opens up the possibility of a combined Trixie Multiple (4 bets) – In a combined Trixie multiple, three games are selected, of which 4 bets are formed: 3 multiples of two and a multiple of three. Also check out our other Accumulated Details and Combined Bet System articles.


Another type of existing bet is on players, they are specific bets on athletes, especially in the case of attackers who score goals. There is the possibility to bet if a player will score the first goal of the game, if he will score at any time, if he will score a Hat-Trick (Three goals in the same game), in short, some betting possibilities on a specific player .

Btts / Both Teams To Score

Also called “Both Scores”, as the name says it is a bet for both teams to score goals in the same game, it is a bet widely used by bettors and that usually offers a good return (good odds).

Clean Sheets

This market is also very famous, it is a team suffering or not conceding goals, the acronym Clean Sheets in Portuguese means clean goal, that is, without conceding a goal. When choosing a bet in this market, for example “Corinthians Clean Sheet – Yes”, you are betting that the Corinthians goal will be clean, that is, Corinthians will not concede a goal. If you bet on “Corinthians Clean Sheet – No”, you are betting that Corinthians’ goal will not be clean, that is, Corinthians will score a goal.

Cs / Correct Score

This market means betting on an exact result of the match, that is, betting dry on a given scoreboard, for example: Match between Vasco da Gama x Botafogo you bet on “Correct Score 2 × 1” and the game must end exactly with this score, not one more goal, nor one less goal. Because this is a very difficult market to hit, Odds are extremely profitable. These are some of the existing types of bets, it is up to you bettor to study and understand each one of these types and analyze which one is easier and which one gets better results.