Filing an Injury Claim? Here’s What You Will Do

If you have been in an accident, you probably suffered injuries and financial losses. Because of this, you may have to deal with filing a claim, so you can recover for your damages. As you do this, you need an injury attorney in Cedar Rapids to be on your side. Your attorney will make sure the responsible party will compensate you for what you have suffered. They know the steps involved in filing a claim can help you seek the justice you deserve. They will work within every step of the way:

Information Gathering

In any accident, there are pieces of evidence that you can use to support your injury claim. This includes photos of the accident scene and any property damage. If your accident resulted from an environmental factor, you should also take photos of this to preserve the evidence. 

Moreover, your medical record is another piece of evidence that can be used to make your claim stronger. This is the reason you must not put off seeing a doctor. Your medical records will demonstrate that you suffered injuries and their extent. Your physician can evaluate your injuries to determine how you were injured and what treatment you need to recover from the injury. 

Legal Consultation

Once you get treated by a doctor, you should contact an injury attorney. When it comes to personal injury cases, you should be mindful of the time. In Colorado, you should file a personal injury within two years from when you got your injury. The legal process can take time because investigations must be made. Your attorney will review all evidence available and get in touch with expert witnesses they may use to strengthen your claim.

Claim Filing

After your attorney gets all important pieces of information, they can file a complaint in the civil court. The complaint will detail what you went through and how the other party caused your injuries. Your attorney will ensure your claim is filed without any error and on time. 

Settlement Negotiations

During negotiations, the other party’s insurance company may try to put some of the faults on you to reduce your settlement amount. But, your attorney will only agree to a favorable settlement. If negotiations fail, your attorney can talk to you about taking your case to trial. They will explain to you the time it can take to collect additional evidence and statements, as well as the length of time a court proceeding can take.