Contraceptive Pills – Take Help From The San Antonio Experts To Start Your Cycle 

Birth control pills are in great demand because of the benefits these pills have on women. The pills help one avoid the chances of becoming pregnant and help women get their cycle right on schedule, which is between 28 to 30 days every month. 

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Contraception Types 

Before starting the birth control pills, the experts suggest understanding everything about them. Here are some types of such contraception. 

  • Combination Pills (COCs) 

As the name says, combination pills are made of two different hormones, progestin and estrogen. These are the commonly suggested types of birth control pills and should be taken once a day without fail. 

  • Progestin-Only Pills

These are the pills that are made of just one hormone, progestin. These pills lack estrogen and should be taken once every day with a 3-hour difference. Allot once is the best way to stay on schedule while taking the medications. 


You can list many benefits of taking birth control pills or contraceptive pills. They are listed below. 

  • These pills can be taken anytime in a day. All you have to do is set a time in a day to take the pills and follow the schedule to stay away from getting pregnant. 
  • Once you finish a strip, you can continue with the same pills from a new strip the next day. 
  • You can stop taking the pills when you wish to get pregnant. 


Just like the benefits, contraceptive pills have some drawbacks, too. They are, 

  • The pills suggested to be taken every 21 days a month should never be continued for the next 9 to 10 days of the month. 
  • Sometimes, some women suffer from blood clotting issues or have a history of heart attacks, diabetes, migraines and liver disease. Such women are strictly advised to avoid this pill. 
  • The chances of getting pregnant are quite high when you skip or miss the timeline of taking the pill any day. 

Nursing mothers or new mothers should never continue taking the pills without the consent of their gynecologists. 

Many prefer 21-day pills, and many prefer 28-day prescriptions. Make your choice and start the drugs from today.