Common Myths Concerning the Sedation Dentistry

How often do you visit your dentist?  Many people have a dental phobia, which usually prevents them from seeking frequent dental services.  The pain involved in the dental procedure is one of the major concerns that intensify fears for patients anticipating dental services.  Thanks to sedation dentistry Koreatown, the dentist can perform diverse dental procedures, such as surgery, with little to no discomfort.  However, despite the widespread sedation dentistry nowadays, people still misunderstand this aspect.  Fortunately, the following debunked myths will help you have a better insight into sedation dentistry.

Sedation Exists in a Single Form

You are more likely to think of general anesthesia when you hear about sedation dentistry.  Although general anesthesia has gained popularity in oral surgery, there are other types of sedation that you can lean on when undergoing less complicated dental services.  For instance, IV sedation can help ease discomfort when undergoing minor surgeries for your mouth.

Everyone Can Get Sedation Services

Although the sedation is generally safe when administered in the correct proportion, some health concerns can hinder you from receiving the sedation.  For example, the dentist will not recommend some sedatives to patients with complications in their nervous system.  Additionally, you may not receive the sedation if you are under certain medications, such as pimozide, since they would have adverse reactions with the sedatives.

You Will Sleep Immediately After the Sedation Administration

While general anesthesia will make you sleep almost instantly, you will not necessarily sleep after getting the other types of sedation.  For many people, other sedations only cause relaxation and drowsiness.  During this state, you will still be able to respond to the specialist’s instructions.  However, the sedation effects do not diminish immediately after the dental procedure.  Therefore you should always drive home with the help of others since you could make a poor judgment while on the road, causing accidents.

Only Adults Can Benefit From Sedation

Some people think sedation dentistry is unsafe for children, which is not the case.  Children are the major demographic proportion with dental anxiety necessitating sedation.  In most cases, the dentist uses nitrous oxide sedation for children since it causes mild sedative effects that the kids can bear. Children in good health conditions can also get general anesthesia when undergoing complex dental procedures such as the extraction of wisdom teeth.

Sedation Is Costly

The cost involved in the administration of sedation remains to be one of the major concerns.  The good news, however, is that, in modern days, there are many payment plan alternatives revolving around sedation dentistry, even if the insurance companies do not show a willingness to cover those services.  The widespread payment plan options make sedation dentistry more affordable.

While regular dental visits are vital in maintaining overall dental health, the mention of dental visits causes anxiety among many people.  Essentially, they fear the dental procedure will be agonizing, causing more complications.  Nonetheless, things have improved with sedation dentistry since dental procedures are now comfortable.  Your experience with sedation dentistry will be the best if you understand the above myths around that aspect.