Best Hyper X Gaming Headset in 2021

Hyper X is well known in the gaming industry. They started as the first company to produce products solely for gamers. Now, they have been regularly creating great products for gamers with different features. Hyper X is known for providing comfort and quality to its fan base at an affordable price. Hyper X has been so competitive that it has forced some of its tougher competitions to follow the same technological and design bracket to place the headphones at the almost same price.

The company makes some of the best headphones and PC gaming headsets for people around the world. Let us take a look at a few of the popular hyperx gaming headphones. 

HyperX Cloud X

While this headphone now has a successor under the name of Cloud 2 but you can still get his first edition at a much cheaper rate which makes it the best gaming headsets in all aspects. Considering the price at which it is offered, these headphones are a pretty decent choice for all  gamers. Anyone whether beginning or looking for an upgrade from basic headphones can get these. 

The name of these headphones is justified as they feel light as air are highly durable with metal frames ich fit right in the air. The headphones come with a braided cable a broader frequency to give a deep base. The only downside of these headphones could be that it lacks some of the additional features like surround sound mic monitoring. 

Hyper X Cloud Revolver S

These look like sport earphone completely and has an added advantage of design over other headphones. You’ll have to pay a bit more for this privilege, but those who want to go with the aesthetic, can get these headphones. The construction is durable with the use of strong plastic and metal. It derives from a broader range of frequency for giving out the distinct sound experience. This is a powerful hyper x cloud headphone that one can find in the market today. 

The surround sound injector is only compatible with PC which could be the only downside of these headphones. x

Hyper X Cloud Flight

These are immensely affordable headphones with 30 hours long battery life. There is no wireless compatibility with Xbox or any mobile device. To make sure that the price of these headphones remains low with added feature Hyper X compromised on a few things like build quality.