Benefits of Holistic and Integrative Medicine

What Is Holistic & Integrative Medicine? | Nashville STMGHolistic and integrative medicine combines different treatment approaches for your overall well-being. It addresses any issues that affect your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health. You can benefit from Southlake holistic and integrative medicine through various treatments that address your underlying issues other than treating your symptoms.

Holistic and integrative medicine can address health problems, including chronic diseases and auto-immune diseases, and provide preventive care to minimize your risk of various illnesses.

What does holistic and integrative medicine involve?

You can receive services under holistic and integrative medicine, like nutritional counseling, food sensitivity, functional medicine, aesthetics, IV therapy, primary care, varied testing, age management programs, and weight management. The treatment focuses on various health aspects and offers suitable options for the best outcome.

If you have an auto-immune or a chronic disease, your treatment approach might address your diet and physical activity levels to help you reduce your condition’s effects.

Benefits of holistic and integrative medicine

The following are the benefits of holistic and integrative medicine.

Less invasive approach

While treatment options can include surgery, holistic and integrative medicine involves less invasive approaches that don’t require incisions or intensive recovery periods. Since the treatment focuses on dealing with the root cause, it can also offer patient education or preventive tips to help you reduce your risk of getting certain diseases.

Early detection of diseases

Holistic and integrative medicine includes patient education and regular screenings to check your body’s progress and identify specific symptoms. Common tests will check your blood pressure, blood sugar levels, BMI, and heart rate, among others. Depending on the results, your doctor can create a treatment plan, including patient education and nutrition counseling.

Highly-customized treatments

Before your doctor can offer treatment options, they will consider current symptoms and your medical history. If you have chronic pain, digestive issues, and skin concerns, your specialist can combine different treatment approaches while balancing your needs and avoiding offsetting any treatments.

Improve overall health

Regular screenings and patient education can decrease your risk of infections and improve your overall health. If you do not have joint or muscle pain, you can exercise and strengthen your heart and blood vessels for a healthier body. However, if you have low energy levels with chronic pain, you can lead a sedentary lifestyle where you can easily gain unnecessary weight.

Treat the root cause of the disease

While certain medications can treat the symptoms of your condition, holistic and integrative medicine focuses on the core problem. For example, if you are prone to headaches or migraines, your specialist can introduce patient education so you can identify, understand, and avoid your triggers. They can also include relaxation techniques and adjust your diet to minimize migraine episodes.

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