An Essential And Detailed Guide To Baccarat

Card games have been in existence for centuries. It is as much a game of mind as it is a game of entertainment. In ancient days, the activity was engaged in killing time. In modern days, there are many other ways to kill time such as watching television, listening to the radio, social media platforms, and more. Despite the emergence of these modern leisure activities, card games like บาคาร่า still seem to be the favourite pastime for many people. This table game is probably the most played game in Las  Vegas casinos that gives one the real pleasure and fun of gambling. 

The activity of baccarat involves a dealer who is responsible for doing the most work and the one who decides the outcomes that include a player win, a Banker win, or a tie. Each baccarat card has a value of its own. Cards from two to nine have a face value. Cards like a king, queen, Jack, and ten have zero value. The ace has a value of one. The dealer, as the name suggests, deals the cards to the player and the banker. The winning outcome depends on whichever hand has cards closest to nine. The winning amount is double the amount you bet. If you bet on the player hand and it wins, you get a double percentage amount of what you have wagered.

Rules of baccarat 

There are many บาคาร่า you have to follow when you are playing the game and these are as follows.

  • The player and the banker both have to stand if they have been dealt eight or nine cards in total.
  • If they have not received eight or nine cards but have received around five total cards or less, the player will receive more cards. 
  • The banker will hit on a total of five or less than five and the player stands.
  • A tie takes place, which is the final betting option and 8 to 1 is paid out.

To keep track of scores, sheets are provided as well. 

Baccarat bets

There are three main บาคาร่า bets, which are as follows.

  • The player hand bet refers to the bet you place on the player hand. If the player has hands closer to nine than the Banker’s hand and wins, you get double the amount you have a bet. 
  • As opposed to the player hand, in the banker hand bet, you win if you have bet on the banker and the Banker’s hand has hands closer to nine. A 5% will be taken by the casino as a house commission. 
  • The tie bets are the third type of bet in which you are predicting that the gaming session will have an equal outcome and there will be a tie between the banker hand and the player hand. If there is a tie, you win.

All these features and tips on how to play baccarat go on to show that it is a fun game. No wonder it has stood the test of time through all these years.