A simple and convenient way for deepfake usage 

Now, you can strip your girlfriend’s photo with a deepfake tool for free. Read brief instructions on how to use the deepnude ai service for undressing in the post below.

The most important about deepfake technology 

The word deepfake comes from the terms deep learning and fake. This phenomenon is considered to be the product of the latest machine learning technologies, but the phenomenon of “substitution of visual reality” itself is much older. 

The first experiments in “warm analog deep fakes” were the same age as photography and were made using double exposure and retouching methods. This is how something appeared in the images that was not in the camera lens: it was not deep yet but already fake. Then cinema came with combined filming and layouts, Jedi waved drawn lightsabers on cardboard starships, and a little later, computers grew to graphics indistinguishable from reality. The further it went, the more convincing the picture became.

The best tool for undressing photos

Deep learning in deepfake is a sophisticated AI-based technique that uses multi-layered machine learning algorithms to extract increasingly complex characteristics from raw input data. At the same time, AI is able to learn from unstructured data, such as facial images. For example, AI can collect data about body movements.

We want to highlight your attention to an undresser app that can undress a photo based on AI. Nudify has a simple and intuitive interface. The preliminary result of photo processing appears approximately a minute after the image is loaded. It is important to note that access to blur-free images is only available with a paid subscription.

The service can be viewed as another specialized machine learning system. It involves two neural networks that compete with each other by learning the characteristics of training datasets (for example, photos of faces) and creating new data based on these characteristics (that is, new “photos”).