3 Family Movies to Watch Anytime

Movies we enjoy with our family are special. These movies always remain close to our hearts. That’s the time when you get to spend some time with your family. To relive those moments again, try watching these films. Watch aha Movies, providing the best movies and web series purely in Telugu content.

Adults and children equally enjoy these movies. There is a lot to learn from these movies. Some of you might have watched them many times or you may be watching for the first time. Family movies with their content insist on the simple plot and characters and also good visual and music attractions. They can be different genres, like comedy, adventure, or fantasy. These movies promote family values, and that is important. Below is the list of top three family movies that you can watch anytime, and they will be joyful every time.

Sirivennela is a 1986 Telugu movie. The story beyond love between Hari Prasad, a blind flutist, and Jyothirmai, who helps him discover the magic in his ability to weave melodies. Years later, startled by his admiration for her, Jyothi’s past haunts her with fears of tainting his pure love. On the other hand, a mute girl falls in love with him.

MR.PELLAM is a family movie made in 1993 starring Rajendra Prasad and Aamani. Life comes to a standstill when Balaji, a diligent and sincere man finds himself being precarious after being fired and wrongly accused of betrayal at his bank job. With his wife working hard to make ends meet and two kids in need of guidance, he must set off on a path of self-discovery and prove his innocence. He copes up with household obligations in an Indian community.

DEVI is a 1999 fantasy movie starring Prema and Shiju the lead roles. Devi is a snake goddess who stays on Earth to protect the girl whose father saved her life from greedy relatives and the snake demon, Dantra.

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