The Original Pillow with a Hole.

The Original Pillow with a Hole.

An effective CNH Pillow.

What is a CNH pillow, anyway?

Chondrodermatitis, Winkler’s disease or an ‘ear pressure sore’ is a painful lesion of the ear which develops gradually over time as a result of the friction and pressure of your pillow acting against the skin of your ear.

That is to say; over time if a person sleeps on one side night after night, the skin on their ear will begin to deteriorate as it rubs against the pillow. Eventually the skin will break down to a point where a little red lesion or some is evident. If the person continues to sleep on that ear the skin will deteriorate further and a pressure or ‘bed sore’ will form on the ear. This will be incredibly painful and will make it very hard to sleep on the affected ear. Following on from that the skin will degrade further and ultimately the pressure sore will go right through to the bone.

Traditionally the only treatment for this has been ointments, creams and surgery. However these treatments don’t address the root cause of the problem. If you use creams then their good work is undone at night-time. Even if you elect for surgery you’re still left with an open wound which will be rubbing against the pillow. Furthermore recurrence rates between both interventions is still around 33%.

Therefore, the only effective way to solve this problem is to address the root cause of it. To stop recurrence or to stop it happening in the first place you must remove the source of friction and pressure, which is your own pillow.

But how do you remove pressure from the ear?

We all need to sleep and we all need to use a pillow in order to do that. So how do you sleep on  a pillow without putting any pressure on the ear?

The idea is simple but amazingly effective. If you sleep on a specially made CNH Pillow with a hole you will find that your ear is perfectly encapsulated by the hole, allowing it to rest on nothing but a comfortable cushion of ear. This gives the ear time to heal naturally.

Use of the pillow with a hole will cure CNH within a matter of weeks and continued use avoids recurrence. For more information on our special ear pillow with a hole, please visit our website.




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